AppsVillage unveils online app store for small businesses

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AppsVillage will launch a the full version of its small business focused online app store in the coming weeks.

SaaS solutions provider AppsVillage Australia (ASX: APV) has expanded its operations with the beta launch of its small business-focused app store and marketplace, branded as the “AppsVillage Store”.

The app store is expected to be fully launched in the first half of this year, following an extensive beta optimisation process and final launch tweaks have been completed. With the beta phase about to commence, a full launch is expected “in the coming weeks”.

It has been developed to promote, boost and grow small businesses that are already utilising the company’s app creation tools and is accessible via

According to AppsVillage, its new store will drive online exposure and by further empowering functionality for small businesses, the company hopes to generate further revenues and continue its existing growth trajectory.

In a statement to the market, the SaaS company declared it will be implementing a targeted marketing strategy to rapidly grow the number of small business subscriptions and subscription upgrades, in a bid to generate “continuously growing revenues” for the company.

According to a regulatory filing, AppsVillage is targeting $1.26 million in recurring revenues for 2019 compared to around $400,000 in the previous year, with results yet to be published.

AppsVillage allows small and medium businesses to create and manage their own mobile applications to engage with their customers and to roll out service features made possible by smartphone connectivity.

Its technology has automated the design, development, maintenance and marketing of mobile apps, allowing any business to build and launch their own application without professional coding experience or digital marketing knowledge.

By launching its new app store, AppsVillage wants to take its idea to the next level and emulate the same concept already being used by the likes of Apple and Google with their respective online app stores.

Dual function app store

The new store will function with two distinct parts: App Downloads and Marketplace.

AppsVillage has said that all apps created and shared via the AppsVillage platform will automatically be made available for download via the downloads section while also being stored for future use.

Strategically, the aim is to create a popular hub where companies can create and share useful apps which other businesses can harness.

As part of the offering, businesses will also be able to upgrade their subscription to access additional functionality including better visibility, varied placement and a range of features aimed at increasing downloads and web visibility.

The new app store’s marketplace section will serve as an online platform allowing businesses to promote their services and provide discounts, deals and coupons to customers.

Users can also search for a service in specific locations and access a range of deals and offers from other AppsVillage customers. Importantly, the end customer is not required to download multiple apps in order to claim various deals spread across different businesses.

AppsVillage has stated that the marketplace will also incorporate a payment solution for the end customer to purchase products and services directly from the online store with the company expected to earn commissions on all sales generated via the platform.

“The launch of this new platform puts AppsVillage ahead of the competition and offering in the SMB sector. We are working to grow into a leading global player within the SMB sector and are developing a suite of SMB focused products and services to grow our footprint and deliver stronger revenues,” said Max Bluvband, founder and chief executive officer of AppsVillage.

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